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Most of the species and natural hybrids of pitcher plants are highly threatened by extensive habitat loss, deforestation and poaching. As part of our conservation effort, we sustain and propagate a large number of different clone lines in the lab.

Clone System

To enable tracking of genetic diversity in cultivation, all clones will be sold individually and proper labeling is provided with each plant. Make sure to keep this label with the plant, so you are able to trace its origin.

We sometimes offer a “Individual Clone”–line prior to the actual clone release, comprising of genetically different, unique, non-selected and non-propagated plants – a one of a kind.

These will be marked as “IC” instead of a clone number.

Batch code
FV - 021 - 24/IC
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The clone

Clone Catalog

Every plant released, ever.

Clear documentation is crucial when it comes to conservation. An overview of every clone, selected traits and clonal information can be found right here.

Updated with every new release.


*last updated on

April 30, 2024