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Nepenthes x hookeriana FV-008-01

 10 €
A natural hybrid between the two lowland species N. rafflesiana and N. ampullaria with squat, red-speckled pitchers that stays quite compact and often forms dense clumps of plantlets. N. x hookeriana is an ideal candidate for beginners and suitable to be grown on the windowsill if water-filled saucers are provided to boost the humidity.
Pictured plants are potted in a 7 x 7 cm pot for reference. Sizes may vary slightly.
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Slowly acclimate pitcher plants you got from us to your growing conditions by keeping them in a humid environment. They may lose their pitchers due to the sudden environmental changes; however, we can assure you that new ones will be forming in no time.

Growing tips:

- A plant for beginners

- Best grown in a lowland temperature regime

- Peat or Sphagnum-based soil mix supplemented with horticultural grade perlite

- Bright light, but avoid direct sunlight

- Suitable for low-humidity environments

- Avoid overwatering

- If perfectly established, feeding or careful fertilization benefits growth

Your plants will be sent unpotted wrapped in some high-quality Sphagnum moss. Please make sure to have soil components and pots ready upon delivery, so you are immediately able to take care of your purchase.

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