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Nepenthes bokorensis (Mt. Bokor, Cambodia) FV-066

 18 €
Described in 2009, this lowland species is known to occur on just one mountain, Mount Bokor in southern Cambodia and is severely threatened by ongoing deforestation and land development. Lower pitchers are similar to a lot of the indochinese Nepenthes, exhibiting a vibrant red coloration, whereas the elongated uppers vary from being plain cream to red-speckled. A neat plant that might be windowsill-able if properly acclimated.
Pictured plants are potted in a 7 x 7 cm pot for reference. Sizes may vary slightly.
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Slowly acclimate pitcher plants you got from us to your growing conditions by keeping them in a humid environment. They may lose their pitchers due to the sudden environmental changes; however, we can assure you that new ones will be forming in no time.


Growing tips:

- A plant for experienced growers

- Best grown in an intermediate temperature regime

- Peat or Sphagnum-based soil mix supplemented with horticultural grade perlite

- Bright light, but avoid direct sunlight

- Requires sufficient airflow

- Avoid overwatering

- If perfectly established, feeding or careful fertilization benefits growth

Your plants will be sent unpotted wrapped in some high-quality Sphagnum moss. Please make sure to have soil components and pots ready upon delivery, so you are immediately able to take care of your purchase.

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